Bonita Springs Sod and Lawn Irrigation

Grading, Sod and Irrigation (239) 440-1745

Let us offer you a price on the full package, we do it all, from land management to the flower beds.

C Green Landscape and Lawn Care offers true landscaping management for commercial and residential customers.

If you need to raise your property after the previous flooding or if you need water flow management with covert and land grading, we are the perfect choice. From permitting to grading, you tell us what you want to accomplish and we will provide you with the best price in town.

Sod replacement or new sod placement

From Floridan to St Augustine, we will first educate you on the grass types and the difference between each Florida grass option. Not all grasses are created alike. Some Florida sod are very hard to maintain while other are more resistant to the harsh Florida sun. We truly are the very best price for pallets of sod. Why?...Because we buy right from the growers, our long list of resources are why we can out bid the competitors.

Irrigation Management and Repair

We can diagnose and offer you a free estimate on that sprinkler system that never really ever worked right. From evaluating the pump and water pressure to sprinkler head placement and water coverage. We will asses the problem and offer you a solution to all your watering trouble.

New Sprinkler Systems

We can install small one zone systems for vegetable gardens or full blown 8 system water management systems that can be manged from your cell phone. It seemed like the water irrigation industry was stuck in the dark ages until just recently when digital systems come on the market. Finally we can offer state of the art sprinkler lawn misting systems and spraying systems that can all be integrated within a homes automation system. The world of irrigation is now in the 21st century.

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