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You might be surprised how much a well maintained flower bed increases the price of your real estate. Like the icing on a cake, it is worth the money!

Mulch Delivery and Spreading and Fertilization

Mulch is not just for beauty, it also has a important function. it helps retain the moisture in the ground. Under the mulch a few things are happening that are making your flowers grow to a vibrant state. The mulch also generates Carbon Dioxide as it decomposes next to the dirt. CO2 is abundant in this environment that also helps plants flourish. Lastly the mulch generates heat and encourages a health root structure. We recommend adding mulch to the gardens at least quarterly.

Bush Planing and Maintenance

Bush maintenance is normally covered in a lawn care program but the addition of new bushes can offer shade and privacy without the permitting and eyesore of a fence. We can provide bulk bush packages for most any size job. Call Ismael for an estimate.

Flower Beds and Home Beautification

The all important Icing on the cake. Nothing beats the color and beauty of tropical flora. Florida offers a abundant array of tropical garden options that are seemingly endless. There are vast numbers of people that move to Florida just for the ability to flourish in their green thumb hobbies. For those of you that may not have a green thumb there is C Green Landscape. We will give you flower packages that will make you feel like you are coming home to a private resort. Call Ismael at (239) 440-1745 - He will give you a price you will not believe.

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