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Most every variety of Palm tree needs to be trimmed at least every 10 months. Some Florida palms require less trimming and others but keeping your palm trees trimmed and looking good can be a costly venture. How about considering a yearly Naples or Bonita Springs palm trimming package. If you have palm trees and you already know that most companies charge upwards to 100.00 per palm to trim. And based on the average number of palms around a Bonita Springs house. You could be looking at around 4,000 per year. For that same program, Ismael at C Green will do it for $30.00 per tree based on a year contract. No hassle and the best price for something that has to be done.

Life is good with C Green Landscape.

New Trees and Tree Removal

Is it time to get rid of that tree that seems to be half dying? There is no better time than the present. With C Green Landscape we will remove the old and in with the new. From Fruit trees to shade Oak trees. We can provide 5 to 6 foot smaller trees to fully mature adult trees for immediate gratification.

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